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About Us


Morgan County Against Cancer (MoCoAC) is a unique non-profit organization that works to provide assistance to people of Morgan County, Missouri who are experiencing cancer.  Donations made by philanthropic individuals and caring businesses allow us to provide financial relief to assist with medication, transportation, insurance cost, basic food and shelter and other daily needs.


Why Morgan County Against Cancer?


For many years, the citizens of Morgan County, Missouri have been ravaged by the presence of cancer in our community.  We did research and found that Morgan County had the 8th highest incidence of cancer out of 115 counties and was 72nd in median household income.  The inspiration for this charity was born after the class of 1985 had 3 classmates diagnosed in one year.  They lost two classmates and continue to support the other in her battle.  It is our goal to address the needs of our community in this heart-breaking battle against cancer.


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